At Næsbyholm Castle you can get the fairytale wedding that you dream of. 

The settings are romantic, private and luxurious - and totally unique. This beautiful castle is surrounded by a stunning castle garden, and therefore the castle is the perfect place for your wedding.



Make your dreams come true with a classic castle wedding. 

At Næsbyholm Castle you can have a romantic, beautiful wedding in unique settings. The castle's history gives a wonderful sense of romance and makes your event unique.

At Næsbyholm Castle we offer beautiful surroundings, fantastic food and unique accommodations. That is why we are the obvious choice when having the wedding of your life.



Næsbyholm Castle is still in its original style, both romantic and classic at the same time. The outdoor surroundings at the castle are beautiful all year round, and within the walls of the castle awaits the adventure. The castle has been renovated modernized with respect for the original story. Therefore, you can experience bright, inviting party rooms that radiate history and romance. Let yourself seduce with gold and tapestries, and make your wedding an adventure.



We wish to give you the perfect wedding day. Therefore, we have put together a wedding package, which you can use as an inspiration when planning your big day. Use the package as a starting point, and customize as needed. Your wedding wishes and dreams are so important to us and we would like to help you. 


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