Næsbyholm Castle

-part of Danish history since the 1585...

Næsbyholm Castle dates back to the year 1585 and was build by Steen Brahe and Birgitte Rosenkrantz. But they only stayed there for a few years, since Birgitte Rosenkrantz died very young, and Steen Brahe chose to leave the Renaissance castle.

In 1709 the Castle was purchased by King Frederik 4.  The King joined Næsbyholm Castle & Bavelse Mansion.

The King's mistress Charlotte Helene Von Schindel moved into the Castle, but after some years she fell in love with a local worker, as the King find out, He banished them both, to live the rest of her life in Germany, and was told never to set foot in Denmark again.

It is said, however, that she returned to the castle after her death, and can sometimes be seen at night in search of her King...

The Castle was partly burned down in 1932 and 1947 and both times rebuilt in the original style.

Næsbyholm Castle is now owned and managed by Morten Lund and Christel Winther.

The Castle hostes Weddings, events, birthsdays, conferences and so much more

Accomodation:  30 dobbelrooms

Classic Wedding at Næsbyholm Castle

A wedding is a special day and evening where food, wine and mood have to be just perfect.

Under the expert advice of our staff, chef and our florist, the food, wines, flowers, decorations etc. will be exactly as you want it.

Our many years of experience are your guarantee of a successful wedding and we take pride in the fact that you as a couples get your dream wedding.

Contact us for a tour at Næsbyholm Castle, where we can talk more about the possibilities for your wedding day.

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Rooms / Accommodation :

A historic castle with unique rooms.

Næsbyholm Castle is comprised of 29 double rooms and 1 single room. There are some rooms with extra beds, so in total the castle accommodates 70 people / beds.

The rooms are divided by 14 large dobb. rooms (Suites and Deluxe rooms) in the main building (including 11 with private bath ) and 16 rooms in the Mansion Building.

The rooms are all unique and the style is elegant and atmospheric.


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